CET's vision is of a society in which people have the knowhow, skills and opportunity to succeed in work, thereby creating a thriving UK economy.

CET acts principally as a funder of innovative projects to achieve maximum impact and to enable people to put their learning to work.

We also provide a valued point of reference to facilitate the sharing of best practice in commercial education and its wide dissemination.Click here for more

We work with a range of charities and organisations, funding or co-funding projects, commissioning research, and supporting lectures relevant to commercial education.

We work with a range of charities and organisations, funding or co-funding projects, commissioning research, and supporting lectures relevant to commercial education.

The Trustees continually review the focus of CET's support to ensure that our funding is in line with current needs.  Recent projects includeClick here for more

Latest News - CET 3rd Annual Lecture Latest News - CET 3rd Annual Lecture

Sherry Coutu CBE will deliver the 3rd CET Annual Lecture on Tuesday 8th November 2016 (7 pm) at the City of London Club, London EC2N.  Sherry Coutu is described as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and in Computer Weekly's top 10 most influential women in the UK IT industry (2015).  To find out more about this event please contact rsvp@lccicet.com or call CET on 020 7203 1909.


Previous CET lectures have featured Professor Alison Wolf, The Baroness Wolf of Dulwich CBE ( who spoke on Mathematics Education and Our Commercial Future: Should Business Relax? Or Panic?) and Harvey McGrath, Chairman of Big Society Capital. Click to find out more:

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Find out more about CET

Find out more about CETClick here for more

Increasing CET's impact Increasing CET's impact

The Trustees are keen to engage actively and widely with those in education, business, government, and the voluntary sector to explore ways of maximising the impact of CET's work.Click here for more

Latest project...

The World Traders' Company Charitable Trust

The World Traders' Company Charitable Trust
Tacitus Lecture 2016

CET has supported the Tacitus Lecture since 2006. The Lecture was inaugurated in 1988 and is now believed to be the largest event of its type in the City of London. It takes place annually in the Guildhall and provides the World Traders' Company with an opportunity to demonstate to a wide audience its concern with issues affecting world trade.  Grants totalling more than £60,000 have been made.

In 2016 the Lecture was given by Sir Paul Tucker, senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy and Harvard Business School and former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England who spoke on the topic 'A New Monetary System In a New World Order'.

A transcript of the Lecture and a video can be found by visiting the World Traders' Company Charitable Trust website: http://www.world-traders.org/tacitusPastLectures.php

The Tacitus Lecture takes its name from the Roman senator Publius Cornelius Tacitus who was born in about AD 56.  He was an impressive and famous orator and one of the extant workds attributed to him, the "Dialogue on Orators" is a discussion of oratorial style. In his writings he described "Londinium" as 'a town fo highest repute and a busy emporium for trade and traders'.Click here for more

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