About The Trust - Who We Are
Who we are

Who we are

The Commercial Education Trust is an independent grant making charity.  It was originally established by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry to run an Examinations Board for commercial education.  The Board was sold in 2002. 


CET has to date made grants totalling more than £3 million in support of charitable projects promoting commercial education.


What we believe in

CET has a vision of a society in which people have the knowhow, skills and opportunity to succeed in work, thereby creating a thriving UK economy. 


Our values are:

·     Integrity – we encourage an ethical and socially responsible approach to business success

·     Creativity – we look for new ways of doing things and are ready to embrace change

·     Inclusiveness – we seek to bring out the best in people regardless of background

·     Partnership – we believe that by working with others we can deliver more


What we do

CET seeks to:

·     Embed in education at every level the means by which people can apply their learning to work

·     Equip people with the skills and commercial awareness to grow, develop and lead in business

·     Encourage individuals to be enterprising and innovative in their approach to business

·     Make a positive contribution to the development of effective commercial education and training


How we do it

·    CET funds practical projects, commissions research, and supports lectures relevant to commercial education.  We play a proactive role in developing the scope and aims of projects to achieve maximum impact and value, and measure their success through independent evaluation.

·     CET also aims to:

-         Provide a valued point of reference to facilitate and encourage the development and sharing of best practice and knowledge in commercial education, ensuring the wide dissemination of research evidence and project outcomes to support improved teaching and learning and better business practice

-         Engage actively and widely with educational institutions, business, government, the voluntary sector, and all those with an interest in commercial education.


Who and what we support

We work with a range of charities and organisations, encouraging the development and expansion of commercial education from primary school through to higher education.  

Current projects  include:

·     Education and Employers Charity – a grant of £25,000 to fund a research project on Employer Engagement and Secondary School Attainment

·     The Nottingham University Business School - a grant of £25,000 for a programme to scale business education for undergraduate engineers.

·    Enabling Enterprise - £50,000 (two grants of £25,000) to develop enhanced training to primary and secondary school teachers to support the development of students' enterprise and employability skills.

·     Funding for a Feasibility Study by education researcher Trisha Fettes to identify evidence of how commercial education can develop an individuals' effectiveness when moving from education into work. This study also involves an exploration of the practical methods for tracking project participants along different career pathways.  A number of current and past CET grantees are involved, as well representatives from the world of commerce who participate in a Business Advisory Group.


The Trustees regularly review the focus of CET’s support to ensure that our funding meets real needs.

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